The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

They say words maketh man and we understand silence only because of words, written, spoken or sang.


She returns home when the sun sets, home where she can be herself. She watches the sun setting and wonders what awaits her the following day but quickly flips that thought away, why spoil the now with worries of tomorrow? She instead pumps up the volume of the music she’s playing and slowly her body relaxes as she drags her tired feet, trying hard to enjoy the beat in her ears.

She is interning at a marketing agency and nothing she seems to do works for anyone in the two weeks she has been there. She sits at the desk closest to the door, doubles up as the office messenger,clerk and coffee girl. She prints, copies, files, writes minutes and wonders why she is here for the umpteenth time.

The guy sitted across from her in a blue trouser and a creased shirt is supposed to be a fellow intern but spends his days on his phone typing away, rarely speaking to anyone. Rumor has it that he is a nephew of one of the managers. Most days She wishes she were in his shoes and thus detests him for that very privilege.

Weeks come and go as she tries to tough it out. Friday finds her almost exploding with frustration. She attends the slotted meeting ten minutes late and fumbles an apology. The lady making a presentation is confused, targets have not been met, creative juices are not flowing and the boss is pissed. That’s when a light bulb pops in her head,she can pitch the idea she has been harboring in her mind, she slowly raises a trembling hand and every eye in the room turns to her in disbelief. She has never spoken a word in the usual meetings. They had even forgotten she was more than an errand girl. Her heart beat quickens threatening to burst out through her chest. She pitches her idea in an near whisper and when she is done, even she herself cannot believe it.

She is now in charge of a project after all the questions have been asked and duly answered. The whole day she has a sheepish smile stuck on her face and no one can steal her joy, that evening she walks home with a spring in her step.

She only needed the courage to speak.